Daniel Development Group (DDG) is pioneering new technologies in Information Systems, Air and Space Platforms, Electronics, and Sensors. Throughout these diverse, yet related areas we are focused on complex problems and promising opportunities.

IIbN: One of the guiding principles of our research is "Innovation inspired by nature" (IIbN). The idea is that nature is a powerful innovator, with approximately 4 billion years of R & D invested, via the evolutionary process. As a result, countless highly efficient solutions and systems have been developed. Through looking at nature’s solutions in light of a given technological problem, we find inspiration.

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Information Systems

In information systems, the high-level focus of DDG centers on the concepts of the unified wire and centralized processing and control. Networks, storage, processing, cloud computing and virtualization technological progress is creating convergence in the data center to empower organizations with capabilities as never before. These concepts have clear analogies in the way that nature tends to centralize processing and distribute the I/O, interconnected via a common communication link in organisms (think brain, interconnected to the various senses via the nervous system). These concepts have important applications in efficient, lightweight embedded systems architectures and communication links.

Specific areas of expertise:

Computer Resource Virtualization

Focus area is virtualization of a compute platform’s native I/O architecture to extend it over unified wire/wireless links. DDG has leading expertise in i-PCI "I/O Anywhere" technology. With i-PCI a system designer is no longer constrained by physical distance limitations as dictated by a particular I/O standard. The i-PCI protocol extends a PCIe I/O system via an IP network, an Ethernet link, or Direct Connect Ethernet physical layer link. The i-PCI protocols allows functions or adapter cards to be located geographically remote, via any one of three implementation options, yet appear as local bus resources.

Communication Link Encryption

Area of expertise is embedment of high data rate cryptographic subsystems within wireless tactical data links, supporting broadband, jam-resistant, secure data and voice.

High data rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN)

Focus area is architectures, protocols, and methods for extending wire speed data rates to WPAN applications. DDG is working on communication solutions optimized for low power devices and operation "in-on-around" the human body to serve a variety of applications including consumer, medical, and warfighter electronics.

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Air & Space Platforms

With Air & Space Platforms, DDG is looking at ways to drive new levels of performance into cutting edge miniature exploratory and recognizance platforms where Size Weight, Power, Performance, Cooling and Cost (SWaP2-C2) are the driving factors. The air and space micro platforms of the 21st century need to be not only highly cost effective, but rugged in order to survive in harsh environments where extremes of cold, heat, radiation, shock and vibration are the norm.

Specific areas of expertise:

Micro Spacecraft Subsystems

Focus area is micro spacecraft subsystems, including command and control communications, navigation, and attitude control. The over-riding goal is to leverage the latest technology to drive miniaturization and thus minimize system and launch costs, and extend the range of these platforms well beyond earth orbit.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) Subsystems

Focus area is Very Small Architecture (VSA) concepts characterized by low power, lightweight, modular designs and scalable architectures with highly efficient communication links. DDG is working to improve instrumentation and surveillance capabilities based on VSA.

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Electronics & Sensors

It’s an analog world… The "digital revolution" that has taken place since c. 1980 and continues to the present day has changed the way we communicate, live, work, play, and explore our universe. Over the last 30 years, the digital revolution has transformed our existence, enabling a web of high performance interconnected voice and data communications. With this capability, we are able to quickly and accurately collect images, audio, and navigation data from the environment, across the globe, and from deep space. We process, manipulate and distribute it in the digital domain. Our expectations are "anytime, anywhere" information.

A key point is despite the digital revolution, it still is very much an analog world that we are sensing, measuring, and reacting to. The full advantage of digital technology can only be realized if the ability of our analog electronics, analog-to-digital capture, and sensors keep pace.

Specific areas of expertise:

Navigational Electronics and Sensors

Focus areas include GPS for portable and embedded system navigation and geomagnetic sensors. Geomagnetic sensor technologies include magnetometers that use small Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJs) to sense changes in the magnetic field, coupled with intelligence to compensate for nearby interfering magnetic fields.

The ability of migratory birds to use an internal compass to navigate between their nesting areas and wintering grounds (which can be separated by thousands of miles) is of particular interest. This is another area that Innovation Inspired by Nature (IIbN) may lead to new approaches. It has been found that birds’ eyes contain molecules that are thought to sense Earth’s magnetic field.

Image and Audio Capture Systems

DDG is focused on ruggedized field-deployed and air & space platform solutions. With these platforms Size Weight, Power, Performance, Cooling and Cost (SWaP2-C2) are the driving factors. DDG leverages commercial technologies to derive solutions capable of meeting mission requirements. A background in developing video conferencing peripherals provides a unique expertise and perspective in formulating solutions for these platforms.

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