One of the keys to a successful project is a complete and thorough upfront engineering specification. In developing a specification we leverage our cross-functional system knowledge to work with the client and the driving Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) to jointly specify a solution. A clear and concise engineering specification or Engineering Requirements Document (ERD) ensures that all project expectations are met or exceeded.DDG's Specification services include:

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For clients that don’t require a full turn-key engineering design, DDG offers Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services. CAD services include electrical engineering and mechanical engineering drawing creation as well as simulation/analysis. Typical deliverables, subject to client requirements, include but are not limited to:

Our staff is professionally trained and certified:

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Electronic Systems

DDG excels at architecting turnkey electronic systems and subsystems, in particular, embedded systems(field-portable, space-constrained, UAV, battery-powered). These systems are typically characterized by real-time constraints and dedicated to a particular task or mission. Overall architecture requires a multi-discipline approach that carefully partitions firmware and hardware responsibilities and requirements. Its paramount that the architecture and partitioning of work load be allocated optimally and efficiently to ensure that designs are able to deliver to goals and expectations. DDG emphasizes modularity, configurability, and scalability in system architecture. By doing so, we maximize design re-use and avoid dead-end development.

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Board-Level Design

DDG's broad expertise in data communications, embedded systems, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and ruggedized systems ensures robust cutting edge circuit card designs. DDG develops analog, digital and mixed-signal circuit card assemblies (CCAs) based on client specifications and engineering requirements from initial proof-of-concepts to production-ready designs. Specific competencies include:

DDG offers a critical advantage to clients, via a PCB design and fulfillment relationship with Risetime Design. Through its close relationship with Risetime Design, DDG is capable of delivering any quantity of turn-key board-level product from small prototype quantities to large production runs. DDG's board-level development services include:

Our Board-level designs are created using Cadence and Mentor Graphics Development tools.

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FPGA System-on-Chip

DDG works with clients to provide complete FPGA System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions utilizing soft and hard IP cores, embedded soft core processors/controllers, interconnects, and interfaces. DDG's focused SoC expertise is network-centric high data throughput packet-based communication solutions. DDG has expertise in real-time SoC processor firmware development for softcore processors, including NIOS II. DDG's FPGA SoC development services include:

Our FPGA solutions utilize Altera FPGAs and Development tools.

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Verification & Validation

During Verification and Validation, DDG works closely with the client to ensure engineering specifications and end user expectations are met. DDG has defined a disciplined three-step re-iterative process for verification and validation:

1. Test to Specification:

The first step in the verification and validation process involves checks to see if the design meets all the requirements called out by the specification (typically the ERD).

2. Test for System and End User Compatibility

The second step in the verification and validation process emphasizes maximizing exposure to different manufacturers/models/configurations to ensure the design functions as expected in the various systems and meets all end user needs. This step may include demos, trials, and acceptance testing.

3. Test for Standards and Agency Compliance

The third step in the in verification and validation process is the final step prior to release to production. Final certifications to applicable industry standards and EMC/safety formal compliances are obtained.

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Project Management

At DDG, we recognize the importance of effective overall project management in meeting schedule, cost, and performance goals while mitigating risk. DDG's project management approach includes:

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